Lepton 3.5 error in FIR mode


I am using OpenMV4 H7 and OpenMV FLIR Lepton A with Lepton 3.5 Radiometric.
I am using latest firmware for the H7.

I want to use my Lepton 3.5 in FIR mode.
When I try to use fir.init(fir.FIR_LEPTON) I get “Failed to init the Lepton” message.

I modified the firmware to print the error code. I got -1 which corresponds to this place. I tried to get the actual mp_hal_ticks_ms() - start value which is 2002 instead of 1000.

My questions are:
Can I use the Lepton 3.5 Radiometric functions in my setup?
Can I overcome the mentioned issue?

Many thanks!

Hi, that code is for controlling a flir lepton attached to external pins. If you are using the camera module version there’s a different interface through the sensor module.

Which FLIR version do you have?