H7 + Edge impulse code fails - [Errno 2] ENOENT

Hello, An OSError: [Errno 2] ENOENT error occurred while testing the code generated by the edge pulse code. I followed [Arm DevSummit - Workshop] Simplified Deep Learning using an OpenMV Cam, Edge Impulse, & an Arduino on youtube //cannot post 3 links sorry
I use an older 128Mb SD card where I copied the files files.txt and trained.tflite. The camera starts shooting, but turns off before it reports any decision result. I use the classic version of H7, not the plus one. But after generating in ei the peak usage of ram was 297K. I heard somewhere that it could handle 400K.
error - Pasteboard - Uploaded Image
files - Pasteboard - Uploaded Image
Thank you for your time and attention.

Sometimes the files get corrupted if you reset the cam quickly before the OS finishes writing back the changes. Try to format the card, copy the files again, this time after you copy the files make sure to Eject the card before resetting the cam.

Thanks, I did the following, pulled out the usb, pulled out the sd card formatted it, inserted it into the camera, connected the usb openmv to the pc, and moved the files labels and traine.tflite to the storage. But the problem still persists. Is there any other possible solution?

You missed a step…Please make sure to **Eject/safe remove the storage, then reset it. Note the camera doesn’t see new files before resetting. Also try the following:

import os

If there’s still a problem, please attach the code (not screenshots of the code) and the all files we need for testing.

I’m sorry I was a little hasty. I’ll try it if it doesn’t help I’ll proceed as you said. Thank you very much

Okay, thank you very much after running those commands

import os

I found on the sd card some .pwi files and some other stuff that were not deleted even after multiple formatting, they caused the problem. After cleaning the card with

cmd -->diskpart
list disk
select disk #xy

and re-formatting, the card has been completely erased and this error message is no longer present. Although a new one has appeared but it has nothing to do with this one.
And I’m looking forward to being part of the openmv community, using edge impluse with cam just blew up my mind
Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
PS: I’m sorry I can’t even paste the code in the correct format on the forums I’m a complete beginner.I’ll fix.

That’s good to hear. Please post a new topic for the other issue…
Note: To format code you just need 3 back ticks “`” before and after the code block.