Use OpenMW H7 with PX4Flow

Hello OpenMV experts,

I’m working on a Visual Odometry Sensor Fusion project, I would like to use OpenMV H7 with PX4Flow sensor however I’m not sure what is the best way to connect them.
If I understood correctly, OpenMV can source 25mA per pin @ 3.3V. PX4 flow is quite hungry and consumes 115mA @ 5V.

Do you think using this Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter from Sparkfun is the way to interface their I2C?

I would power up both devices with the same USB source, connect OpenMV I2C lines to the LowVolt side and PX4Flow I2C lines to the HighVolt side.

Any advice is welcome. Thank You.

Not sure what you are trying to do. Don’t power the PXFlow through an I/O pin on the OpenMV Cam. This will destroy your camera.

Um, if you want to connect their interfaces, the OpenMV Cam works fine as a SPI or I2C master.