Optical Flow with I2C

I’m trying to use OpenMV as optical flow controller instead of PX4FLOW. The PX4FLOW uses I2C to communicate with flight controller, OpenMV in default uses serial port, is it possible to make it work over I2C/ did anyone test it?
I run out of serial ports on flight controller and would be much more portable to use I2C to send MavLink data.

Yes, it’s possible to make it work over I2C. You have to write the code to do that. I suggest using the RPC library on the OpenMV Cam. It works great for this purpose.

Hello kwagyeman! Thank you for your fast response. I was thinking of if there is some example using I2C in this context because it would be full replacement of original PX4FLOW with much better affordability. I know that OpenMV is much more versatile but the need of custom reprogramming is a serious drawback for plug-and-pray users (like me)

Yeah, I wouldn’t say our target is trying to replace that system.

Someone could for example use our system to try to replace that system and then sell it themselves with locked down firmware. Or make it open source. We cannot do everything.

I’m sure you have a great project and I understand that you can’t do everything. You have a great product with good examples to learn from.