UART send as ASCII

Hey all, I’m new to Micropython but I’m wondering if there’s a function that will allow me to send ASCII via the UART 3 port. I’m communication to another microprocessor and I am getting a reply from the OpenMV H7 but I’d like to send as ASCII format if possible. Here’s a couple screenshots of what I’m seeing. The UART3 port is set it to 9600.

Sample source code:

Feedback from other microprocessor:

Any help would be appreciated!


@kwagyeman I realized the problem is my third party microprocessor will only accept RS-232/RS-485 signals. Are there are UART converters available or you would recommend for use with the H7 R2?

Any will work.

Just a FYI for anyone needing UART to RS-232, I bought the DFRobot Multiplexer V2.0 and it works great!