Trouble Running RPC functions on Raspberry Pi Pico

Hello, all,

I’m hoping you all can help me troubleshoot some trouble I’m having with my setup. I’m trying to use a Raspberry Pi Pico as a controller device to run rpc commands on an OpenMV H7 Plus as the remote device via hardware UART. I found the example scripts to do this in the examples library and successfully ran them using an Adafruit Feather 32u4 and an OpenMV H7 Plus. When I try to upload the same controller code to the Pico, Arduino IDE throws the following error: "‘rpc_hardware_serial_uart_master’

You might need to fix the library. It’s very hard to target all variants of Arduino systems. What the exact error?

This is the full error readout: C:\Users\Tim Dorn\Documents\Arduino\popular_features_as_the_controller_device_example_tim_2040\popular_features_as_the_controller_device_example_tim_2040.ino:75:9: error: ‘rpc_hardware_serial_uart_master’ in namespace ‘openmv’ does not name a type
openmv::rpc_hardware_serial_uart_master interface(19200);

After that error line, an error pops up for each function (face_detection, color_detection, etc.) saying that an interface was never declared.

Hi, it’s because that method doesn’t compile. You need to fix the library to work on the Pico. I never tested compile on that.

Thanks for your reply. After some digging, I got the comms to work by using the board manager “Raspberry Pi Pico/RP2040” by Earle F. Philhower,III.