Communicating between OpenMV H7 with ESP32 Feather

So I’m trying to figure out if we can connect an ESP32 Feather that runs on Arduino IDE to an OpenMV H7. The idea is that the OpenMV will process the visual and provide the result to the ESP32. The esp32 will then in turn move a motor or does something in response. Any idea if this is possible? If so, any reference to an example or wiring?

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See this: GitHub - openmv/openmv-arduino-rpc: Remote Procedure/Python Call Library for Arduino

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Sorry for asking this might be dumb but I’m trying to set up UART communication between ESP32, which uses RX and TX (pin 16 and 17). What’s the different between hardware UART and software UART?

Also, when I try to run the arduino_to_arduino_communication_as_the_controller_device code, I received the following error: ‘rpc_software_serial_uart_master’ in namespace ‘openmv’ does not name a type

I tried using both the software and hardware example but both produces the same error.

Finally, is there any .py examples for the OpenMV camera itself if we were to communicate with ESP32? The example in the library you shared only gave example codes for arduino microcontrollers

A software uart and hardware one are both the same. Just one is emulated by the CPU versus being an offload.


Means that is not available on the ESP32… as it can’t do software serial.

Um… I’m pretty sure there should be an interface that works with the ESP32. You may have to pick the right hardware uart name.

Please take a look at the library’s code. It tries to define the interface given what’s expected. However, you may have to fix it. Arduino names their serial ports quite differently on each board making it hard to figure out which one is which.