Motor control with UART

I’m trying to make a code to make an openmv h7 camera work together with an arduino due using UART. I’ve tried to search multiple examples but I don’t really understand how the codes work and how the codes are supposed to work together. I want my robot to be able to follow a line, but also looking for silver and black spheres and then grab it and bring it to a red or green corner. I’m doing this for the EK in Hannover this year for the team roboticus of Lyceum Kralingen. Thank you in advance.

We offer an RPC library that allows the Arduino to control the OpenMV Cam via remote function calls. However, you can also write code to have the OpenMV Cam stream data over UART to the Arduino.

If you are not going to use the RPC library then I cannot provide help support. We wrote the library to solve questions like you have. I would suggest reading the extensive documentation provided for it.