Timer 4 Reserved Fix

Hi all, a firmware release previously disabled timer 4. It is now fixed for the next release. Until then, please find the required firmware fix here:
firmware.zip (1.15 MB)

I try to use the motor shield with my students but we have a problem with the examples because timer 4 is reserved.
It seems the firmware below can fix this problem.
but how install this firmware please.

From the IDE you need to run the bootloader and upload firmware.bin.

We’re doing a new release very soon that will fix this issue.

thanks for your answer.

It’s probably verry simple but Ican’t find how to do

for tomorow :slight_smile:

Tools-> run bootloader

OK I find in tools/execut bootloader is active if cam is not connected
but it don’t succed to connect to normal bootloader

The cam connect easily with connect button but when I try to upload the bootloader it don’t work.
the cam flash a few time.
a browser window open with the conrtent of the cam like USB key

it try to connect but don’t succed and when I cancel it say :“unable to connect to your cam normal bootloader”

any Idea?

Hi, you have to unplug the camera when you run the bootloader dialog and then plug the camera back in. This needs to be done on the host machine also. Not from a VM.

OK it work almost,
Cam was recognised. ancient file erased, programming bootloader done, but the self test don’t work, no blue led blinking and if I click OK the cam is no more seen by ide

I download firmware v.3.5.2, and Flash Bootloader, it works as before, without timer 4
I retry new firmware and it stop again at self test.

Which firmware image did you use ? You need the specific firmware for your camera. You didn’t mention which camera you have, if it’s OpenMV-4 upload OPENMV4/firmware.bin.

you’re right I have two openMV3 R2
I find the firmware for this cam from 17 december 2019 but this one wasn’t fixed for use the timer 4.
Can you tell me where I can find a firmware fixed for the openmv3 please.

You can download the firmware from github, any older release should work:

thanks a lot, it work fine.
Sorry for probably stupids questions, my speciality is mechanical …
thanks again