third-party library application


I am using openmv. And i plan to use it to do some image process. However, I find that the image process library of the openmv is not enough for my work. So can I write my own third-party library and burn it to the openmv board? Does anyone have the related experience? Thanks.

Yes you can write your own code, if you want to add Python bindings for new functions or a library just take a look at the source code and do the same, also see this post to get you started.

If your code/library adds useful features and you wish to contribute send PRs to github.

Thanks a lot. Your post is very valuable for me. By the way, do you know where I can find the introduction about the commands that have already existed in the openmv library, such as, image.HaarCascade, sensor.snapshot. I cannot know what kind of functions the openmv library includes, completely, just from the examples. Is there any guidance which can help me overview all the functions that openmv library includes?

Yes, see the docs: