Single colour sensing and activating servo motor

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the world of electronics and coding. I would like to learn more about the OpenMV H7 and how to use it for my requirement. My requirement is very simple, I need a code to detect only one certain color (for example: Red, Orange or Blue) and control the led or servo motor. I know this is very simple, since I am new to coding, I am not able to write the code by myself and I can’t find this simple program in example also. Can someone help me with this. Also, it will be highly appreciated if you can share some materials to learn this programming language. Thank you.

Hi, there’s numerous examples online for how to do this that people have posted. Your best option is to use google to search for the projects.

Hi Kwagyeman, Thanks for the reply. I tried searching google, but there is no tutorial or some explanation how this coding actually works. I can’t modify the existing example codes without knowing, how it works. Anyway, I’ll try to find some support from google. Thanks again

Then read this: face tracking with servos - #5 by sertunc