Realtime Color Tracking With Arduino and OpenMV

HI there community ,
I’m a beginner with openmv cam,I was hoping if anyone can help me provide the code of this project Realtime Color Tracking With Arduino and OpenMV (15FPS) - YouTube i will really appreciate :slight_smile:…it is from here that i hope to realize my projects .thanks

That looks like the first OpenMV Cam made a while back.

Um, the OpenMV Cam can control the servos all by itself. You don’t need the Arduino.

That said, do you have a rig setup to track the color yet? This is the harder part.

Thank for the reply Sir,
i could find ways to use the openmv cam for servos but my project is not necessary to control servor
my current project is intended to use the sevor libraries from the arduino to control motors with other sensors…
i was hopping to use the example code to continue from there .
i havent decided which setup yet but will do so if i have the code of the project i posted,