RT1062: Wifi debugging

Hi I am currently working with a RT1062 board and have tested the frame streaming example as well as created code for receiving/executing python scripts from a client over a socket similar.

I have also tested the wifi shield with other cameras and find the wifi debugging experience great. I was wondering if there is any plan to implement this with the RT1062s onboard wifi? As I have had difficultly with sending scripts to execute on the board from a client in a non blocking way without the use of async or threads. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing that and asking for WiFi debugging on the RT1062.

Yes, I will be implementing this feature on the system later this year.

However, we plan to refactor how it works. We’re going to remove the config ini file and have you just setup WiFi in boot.py. Then there will be a call in the OMV module to enable the WiFi debugging client and server threads to run in the background via a timer callback under the hood.

This will then allow the feature to work well current and future OpenMV Cams including all the Arduino ones.

Right now the code is written for the WINC1500 only. So, instead of just porting to the CY4343 WiFi chipset we want to do a better job integrating the feature. The best way to do this is to put it in boot.py.

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Note, the reason for moving to boot.py is so WiFi is setup on turn on. Then this allows scripts to just use sockets directly without having to set WiFi up which means you can then easily start and stop code without issues and breaking the WiFi debug interface connection.

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