RT1062 Accessing SE050 and TLS/SSL Module

I am trying to work on the TLS/SSL class to make a secure socket for communication, So I generated Key and certificate using OpenSSL but I cannot make a connection. while Running the code openmv cam is stucked
I attached the Necessary screenshots on both server and client sides,
It would be good if is there any example of this also how openmv utilizes SE050 on board crypto chip (is there any libraries used to store Keys in this chip?)
Server Side:
cert2.py (1.7 KB)
Slient Side:
certificate.py (848 Bytes)

after some time

Hi, not quite sure what you are doing:

For SSL support, all you need to do is this:

KEY_PATH = "private.der"
with open(KEY_PATH, "r") as f:
    key1 = f.read()

CERT_PATH = "certificate.der"
with open(CERT_PATH, "r") as f:
    cert1 = f.read()

sock = socket.socket()
sock = ssl.wrap_socket(sock, key=key1, cert=cert1, server_side=False)

Regarding the SE050. We included that on the board as an optional device to us if there’s demand for high security using it. There’s a way to use it for mbed tls support in the future. However, right now it doesn’t do anything and there’s no plan on our roadmap to do so right now.