Post a picture over SSL

I’m new to both OpenMV and MicroPython and am trying to post detected faces to a cloud endpoint over SSL. When I add an import ussl I encounter an error “no module named ‘ussl’”.

Does MicroPython on the Open MV 7 support the ussl library? And if not, I don’t understand why it is documented at

Mmm, we pull a lot of documentation from MicroPython in. Um, this module may not be enabled in the firmware. But, we have space for the feature on the M7.

Can you post a bug report on the github? Here: Issues · openmv/openmv · GitHub

If it’s just an enable issue we should be able to fix this ASAP.

Thanks so much for the reply.

I’ve logged the issue. No module named 'ussl' · Issue #348 · openmv/openmv · GitHub

Ibrahim is looking into this. Given we use the WINC1500 I believe the USSL library cannot be used directly however. The module requires another way of operating. But, it does have SSL support.

Thanks. I’ll be happy with any way to make SSL work.

Okay, it’s on the todo list. That said, we just did a firmware update 2 weeks ago and I’m still recovering from Maker Faire. I should be able to get up and fixing bus again this weekend ish…

This is an old thread but if anyone else is interested, the ussl module is now available in the latest beta release with mbedtls, additionally the WINC1500 host driver and firmware have been updated to the latest (v19.3.0/v19.6.1). Note the new release requires a WINC1500 firmware update (included with the release).

As for posting stuff over SSL you can use urequests or urllib (they may need small modifications to work) for example: