Add urequests Module to OpenMV H7


I’m trying to use the camera to send a image to the IBM Watson for visual recognition. And I’m working on adding the urequests module to the camera, I have put under the camera’s directory and I could import urequests now. But I couldn’t run it because it says I need ussl module, and the ussl module requires ssl module, which requires _ssl module… I’m not sure if I’m adding the custom library on a right way, and it would be slow to use the socket to upload images. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, the ussl module is now available in the latest beta release with mbedtls, additionally the WINC1500 host driver and firmware have been updated to the latest (v19.3.0/v19.6.1). Note the new release requires a WINC1500 firmware update (included with the release).

Hi Ibrahim,

I have the latest WINC1500 firmware, so how can I use the ussl module to upload an image saved on OpenMV to my PHP server: (
Would you please suggest a code for it? I am more into using urequests but it did not work today…