RSA Module for OpenMV

Hi Team,

I am trying to encrypt/decrypt messages in openmv using public/private keys. As in python we have RSA module for this functioning but I couldnt find any similar module which will perform similar kind of task, I did explored the cryptolib but didnt get much output from it for my purpose. Could you provide some info regarding the same which I may have missed.

Hi, the next version of the OpenMV Cam will feature a chip onboard for this purpose which can store secrete keys and etc.

Anyway, you will use this library for talking to that chip: GitHub - MicrochipTech/cryptoauthlib: Library for interacting with the Crypto Authentication secure elements

The library onboard the camera isn’t adequate for public/private keys.

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Hi Kwabena,

Thank You for the response.
So just to be sure, right now openmv doesnt have any library which could be used to encrypt/decrypt a particular message/String using public or private key files generated using python RSA library.

Hi, I don’t know of a library that does RSA in python that can be run on the OpenMV Cam. Note, it’s quite possible to do RSA. But, there’s no method for secure key storage. So, your private key can be easily leaked.

Here’s an RSA lib. Just did a google search: GitHub - artem-smotrakov/micropython-rsa-signing: RSA signing on MicroPython