Openmv cam video to fpga

Would it be possible to send image/video data to an fpga for encryption and then transmit these encrypted data wirelessly?

Yes, however, the STM32H7 can do this itself… so, it’s not really needed.

I am aware of that, however the data needs to be sent to the FPGA (to test my aes implementation) as an alternative to the ov7670 cam, could it be done by sending the compressed/uncompressed image data through spi? Like getting one byte at a time from the img [I] array?

See the RPC interface library and how SPI is implemented. There’s a direct raw write method we made for you that should make this easy to handle on the FPGA.

Will check this out too, currently I tested it with the default spi.send method

It is not necessary to use the library on the fpga right? Because on the fpga side everything needs to be done with vhdl

Regarding the default spi,i executed this piece of code spi.send(img),my logic analyzer showed a continuous stream of data (a captured frame),should i just format it to be a byte at a time?or should i proceed with the rpc implementation?

It’s a byte a time. It’s just that we can literally send data without breaks since we have DMA acceleration. So, we’re capable of sending data as fast as the protocol allows.

Oh i see,so in theory i could just grab the data in the fpga,store them and then encrypt them or print them through a vga interface(by decompressing them first).