Right camera module for camera traps

What is the right camera module to choose to build a camera traps[1]. We need to the video to work in board daylight, shade and night[2] with external IR light source. Thanks!

[1] Camera trap - Wikipedia
[2] IR Lens | OpenMV

Mmm, so, this is where the FLIR sensor on our new OpenMV Cam H7 reach makes the difference. With it you’ll be able to see in day and night regardless of what’s going on regarding sunlight. It will see temperature so you can easily trigger using that versus trying to make sense of a washed out color camera.

I never used any FLIR sensor/camera before, does this solve problem of capturing the image/video using the camera. Does it work similar to arducam? This means we could use single camera for all the lighting conditions.

FLIR is thermal vision: https://youtu.be/166JRLueCwc