Best lens choice


I have this OV5640 sensor and i have some questions.

This is the image what i like to examen:

This image is taken with a normal smart phone. It is a roof of a greenhouse.

This is how the cam sees it:

I would like to detect the oblique or sloped lines. (click on image for better view)
What could be, the best choice in lenses (and/or sensors) if i want detect the lines from 5 to 25 meters ahead (forward)?

Also what is the recommendation of the same image, but at night.
Is a ir led board available? Or can i use a standard IR-Led board?

Thanks in advance!

Use a telephoto or super telephoto lens to get more zoom. Use the wide angle lens for more field of view. Since the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus has more RAM you can make the image resolution large.

As for night time… you can buy any IR floodlight and have the OpenMV Cam see using that light. The light can just be always on.

However, you’ll need to remove the IR filter on the camera lens which will not make it work during daylight. I would use two cameras… one for day and one for night. We don’t sell the hardware kit to make the lens remove it’s IR filter mechanically.

Hi kwagyeman,

Many thanks for your fast reply; i am going to try that.

It is a fantastic piece of hardware! Thanks!