Camera FOV

I’d like know what the horizontal and vertical field of view is for the stock lens (in degrees). I need to use the camera at close range to read QR Codes or April tags that are potentially only a few inches away.

This is listed on the website product pages for each lens and and the OpenMV Cam H7 camera.

I missed it. I’ll look again. Thanks.

I just found the page with lens specifications. Duh.

On the bottom of the product page for the H7 there’s a table with system specs. This lists the lens FoV.

This lens gives your OpenMV Cam the ability to see a wider field-of-view (FOV). The standard lens that ships with your OpenMV Cam has a 115° FOV which is good, but, not great for security applications. This lens has a 185° FOV so your OpenMV Cam can literally see behind itself.

There’s a specs table on each lens product page that has info like:

Focal Length12mm
FOVH = 18.8°, VFOV = 14.0°
IR Cut Filter650nm (removable)

The above is for the telephoto lens. There’s a table link this on each product page.

Oh, that text might be outdated.