940nm IR sensitivity?

I realize the built-in IR LEDs are 840nm, which is why we can see them, and I’m fine with the fact that the default included sensor is likely less sensitive to 940nm, but for discreteness, say in a security camera illuminating your porch, you don’t necessarily want a visible light on all night long, even the dim light from 840nm illumination. So I’m curious, if I illuminated the area with a 940nm illuminator, how well would OpenMV respond? Would it not receive any assistance at all from 940nm? What is the filter response (assuming there is one) or sensor sensitivity?

I have an M7, and H7, and a global shutter module, if those differences matter to the question (probably does, at least in the case of the global shutter, less sure about the M7/H7 distinction, as I can’t remember off the top of my head if they use identical sensors).


The data sheet for the MT9V034 (Global Shutter Module) has a plot of the sensitivity of the sensor given wavelength. Anyway, 940nm will work. It’s just a range issue. You will need a bright light source.

Also, don’t use an IR filter on the lens.

I assumed the filters were built over the sensors, not inside the lenses. I’ll look into that. Thanks.