Responsivity at different wavelength

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First, thank you for this product and for the previous responses.
My question is about how you calculated the responsivity value of 4.8V/lux.sec (550nm) in the datasheet (I am working with the global shutter module).
I am interested in computing it myself to determine the illumination I need and because I am actually illuminating with infrared LEDs with a peak wavelength of 780nm.
The idea is to determine how many LEDs would be necessary depending on the distance.
can you help me with this calculation?

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Hi, the global shutter sensor is from OnSemi. Whatever they quote in the datasheet is likely correct.

From a practical standpoint. The number of LED doesn’t matter as much as what your noise floor is. If you don’t have a lot of other things going on in an image one led is enough. You should consider what else you are trying to reject in order to get what you need working.