Remote Camera


I want to develop my algorithm on the openMV. But the video I’m testing on has to be captured outdoor. Whats is the best solution for developing:

OpenMV camera with wifi shield en connect the OpenMV IDE via tcp/ip
Connect openMV camera to raspberry pi with OpenMV IDE and do a remote login via my notebook.

The final product should have the algorithm independent running.

Thanks in advance,

I’d recommend the Pi to connect to the Web. We really don’t have the best stuff for that as it isn’t our focus. You can control the camera (multiples in fact) from the Pi.

I think we have a feature to run code on recorded videos, if all you need is to capture a video outside that would be the best. For what it’s worth, WiFi programming is working, at least when I test it, but it could use improvements, also the the range might be limited. Another option is to use ESP32, if you have an ESP32 around see this project: GitHub - kazkojima/pmlps: Tiny local positioning system with OpenMV cam