External access from public ip

Hello everyone,

I’m new with openmv and I need some help.
I would like to know Wi-Fi I can access the camera from internet. Using wifi module or any other wifi device. My doubt it’s about how can I get the camera picture over the internet. I need to see the image from my mobile device.
Anybody have some guide line or sample code to do that?
I guess that I have to use something like uPNP protocol, but I don’t now how can I do this with openmv…


Hi, getting an image out of the OpenMV Cam is the simple part. But, do you know how to do any of the internet plumbing details? We have a simple script for turning your OpenMV Cam into a webs server to host JPEG images. But, if you want to do more than that.

Anyway, let’s try to break this problem down… so, first, what will you use to view images and how does that program get images? If you don’t know the answers for this then I’m asking you to research into how this part works. When you know that then the OpenMV Cam part more understandable…

One really easy thing to do is to make the cam into a webserver for jpeg images and just have it serve a new image each time the page is requested.

If your camera is sitting on a NAT’ed network (most home/office networks fall into this category) then you won’t be able to access the camera from the internet unless you setup some port forwarding rules in your router.

You’d need to do something like write a script on the camera which uploads to Dropbox (unless you have your own server you can upload to) and then have your phone access that.
All of the companies that offer web-access are providing servers that their cameras upload to and your phone accesses the company provided server.