Pure Thermal failed to connect to IDE

Just got my Pure Thermal board but the IDE won’t recognize it. I followed the instructions to reflash the dfu without success. I am getting an exit code 74 because the file …\firmware\OPENMVPT\openmv.dfu is not present in the directory.
I am running a window 10, 64bit with the latest OpenMV IDE. The IDE has no problem connecting with other OpenMV boards.

Hi, just upload the bootloader.dfu, and then use the IDE to upload the firmware.

Hi, why did you reflash the thing? It came with the latest firmware.

The IDE would not recognize the board, I incorrectly assumed that the board was bricked. Anyway I tried to reflash the bootloader but that did not work either (can not open DFU device 0483:dll error)
Finally I noticed that the USB device manager will enumerate the board if I push the “power” button, it will not happen automatically by plugging the board in as with other OpenMV boards. That is my solution for now!
I can access the OV5640 on the board but the lepton FLIR is not recognized. Is there a special version of the example software for the PT boards?

We don’t have an example for that, we should, but for now see main.py on the board, also here but harder to read: openmv/main_py.h at master · openmv/openmv · GitHub

The FLIR is through a separate module right now:


Since we have two cameras. Please see the overlay script that’s the default main.py. If you erase the internal flash drive the script will reappear.