Problems with Cam V3 Kicstarter

Hello, I have two modules Cam V3 Kickstarter. The IDE recognized this module as M4, firmware 4.2.3, sensor OV7725. Apparently the modules don’t work properly. .I followed the steps: erasing and programing… After finishing programing the led turns green to red/blue. After pressing play the led switches to blinking white. .After several seconds the connection stops. Any idea on how to solve the issue.

I replied in another thread.

Thanks you, but in which thread, as [iabdalkader] told me he had to delete all messages.

Yeah you were posting in a category about topic, so I deleted all the posts there, and sent you a direct message with the reply: Erase the flash.

Thanks, I did it using the tool provided “Erase Onboard Data Flash”, before writing my long post.

Okay I have an M4, will test it and get back to you. And you should report an issue on github to keep track of the issue: Issues · openmv/openmv · GitHub

Fixed with: