Power supplied of Openmv4 H7 with TOF module

I use Openmv4 with TOF module on the unmanned aerial vehicle,but openmv sometimes shut down. The main.py works fine when not on the fly.
So I suspect that the Power is limitted when on the UAV.
I wonder How much current i need supply to make it work well with TOF(U=4.5V to 5V).
The China Store says about 200mA to 500mA.I am not very sure

Um, the OpenMV Cam needs about 200 mA. How is the system and the ToF unit powered? You could use a second battery which may ease the problem.

Can you share a link to the TOF module ?

thanks,this is the link

Hi, just post on OpenMV Cam | 星瞳科技

Please paste all codes, and I will test.
You could also contact customer service on taobao.

By the way, the distance shield is so low-power, it is under 20ma.

Chinese Openmv Store on taobao just know nothing but want money. Customer service is bad.

I use the demo distance program in the IDE,if you can test it ,i will be very

If you have technical questions, just goto https://forum.singtown.com, I answer questions every day, I will test and answer it.
If you think goods have quality issues, just replace it or refund.
I am not the technical support here, I am only responsible for the China region.
And I will not answer you here. Although this distance shield was developed by me.

shamed on you

If you buy a genuine board, you will certainly get a genuine service, and vice versa.

If it is genuine, just contact the seller, the problem can be solved directly. It is impossible to run an error in the example.