Time of Flight Color Mapping

Any module suggestions for TOF color maps and 3d angle views? Any plans to create an OPEN MV board with this on the pcb?

Example: What Is Time-of-Flight? – Vision Campus - YouTube

We’ve wanted to do one for a while. Now that I have more time for OpenMV this may happen sooner.

That would be cool. It comes up pretty often with clients and there is no simple controller or dev board to test ideas. I can also think of a bunch of applications I would use it with.

ps. would you need a special image sensor or can TOF work with most cameras?

So, ToF devices are complex. It involves a ready high output LED source that’s driven at like 40 MHz and then a very specialized camera. It’s not hard to design one given there are chips that do the camera and LED driving all in one… but, the LED current is no joke. Like 1A.

I bought these two TOF sensors. I am looking to measure distances in a range of 100mm-150mm

CQRobot Ocean: VL53L1X Time-of-Flight (ToF) - Inaccurate
Adafruit VL6180X Time of Flight Distance Ranging Sensor - Very Good

Both have Arduino code and non-micro raspberry pi python code.
The Arduino code examples are easy to get working for both.

I want to combine FOMO data with the TOF data.

Which is the best way to connect to Arduino for this application: uart, spi, or ic2?

Hi, I guess I2C? Not sure what this has to do with the OpenMV Cam.

I am using the OpenMV cam for the FOMO object recognition + upload to EI. All of the TOF sensors I have tried use ardruino. I would prefer to do everything on the OpenMV.

Okay, so, the VL53 is already supported by a builtin python module on our boards:

And it looks like someone wrote a driver already for the VL61 here: VL6180X/vl6180x.py at master · Ledbelly2142/VL6180X · GitHub

You just need to supply an I2C bus for each module constructor and they should work.

Thanks again Kwabena! Your suport for OpenMV is truly impressive.