Potential product

Good morning,

So I bought a pixy2, its fun, but color tracking does not seem up to the challenge of my project. In perfect conditions, the pixy keeps up. Tracks the item and gives coordinates back to unity.

I am using the pixy to track a players movement and display data in unity. I need the player to stay wireless, color tracking seemed like a good choice, but soon became problematic

Then I stumbled across openmv, this looks promising as well, but thought I’d ask the forum if they can identify an issues or offer better suggestions on how to track hand movements

What about using this with the ir lense?

We don’t have something specifically for hand tracking out of the box, you’ll have to make it on your own. To get a better idea of what the camera can and can’t do you can download the IDE and look at the examples. And yes you can use an IR lens.