Using OpenMV for solar tracking

Hi, thanks for the hard work guys, all the examples seem to be working well for me.
I’m starting a build and wanted some advice. I have an array of solar panels that are stationary today. I’d like to start moving them to track the sun through the day.
I was going to use the Openmv to detect the location of the sun in the sky (thinking it would be the brightest, could locate based off of light intensity or white light) then centering this in the field of view with the servo control. I’ve tried the color blob tracking with a desk lamp but haven’t got it to pick up yet, I have had good luck picking up red, green and blue objects though. The RGB values were at about 254 on all 3. Any ideas?

Hi, the color tracking is done in the lab color space, not the RGB color space. Please use the framebuffer and select and area of color and then once you stop dragging a show color stats option will appear. Click that and the GUI will output the best color values to use.

Also, I’d use grayscale instead of color for tracking the sun.

And… you’ll find the Cam is really good at this job.

Works like a charm, thanks buddy