Hand gesture recognition


For starters - awesome project :slight_smile: I’ve been a backer since day one, seen the way you guys had to fight to get us our project - insanely impressive stuff.

I finally have time to start tinkering with my cam; to get me running I was wondering, how would you guys go about implementing hand gesture recognition? For example, making a V would play a song, < plays the last one, > plays the next, et cetera. Is there some code base I could start working from?


So, are you thinking of something with tape on your fingers to track or no tape?

Like this: Innovator Under 35: Pranav Mistry, 28 - MIT Technology Review

Thanks for the quick reply, looks helpful. I’m not currently at my computer, but am I correct in thinking this will create a rectangle where my hand is? Not the exact locations of my fingers?

I suppose I could change the commands to ‘move hand upwards for next song’ etc… Sounds like this could work, thanks!

Hi, you can either track pieces of colored tape attached to your hand. Or you can track the movement of your hand. Tracking the movement of your hand is easier as you just have to track the centroid of one color and then just take the difference in position over successive frames to determine what action to do.

I want it to work at all times so I’m not going with colored tape, but the hand movement tracking seems like a good solution.

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Use the color threshold editor in OpenMV IDE to get good thresholds for your skin color. You should also get thresholds for other folks skin colors too. Make sure the lighting is good.