Portenta IC2 with vision shield attached

Hi again trying to expand the capabilities of the portenta + vision shield by using the 5 pin I2C connecter to attach an APDS9960 (proximity sensor) in combination with an additional external pwm IR LED. Seems like the library GitHub - liske/python-apds9960: Python APDS-9960 Library should do the trick but I’m at bit at a loss with how to connect the LED when the vision shield is attached. Do the 80 pin connectors use all of the available pins or is there still a way to connect a led?

Would I be able to use the I2C connecter to slave a nano 33 sense?
Can the nano 33 be powered via the charging connecter?
Would it be possible in the future to run a tf model on the m4?
Sorry for all the varied and potentially dumb questions, new to this board and appreciate any help or guidance available as the documentation seems sparse.

Howdy, please check the schematics: https://content.arduino.cc/assets/Pinout_VisionShield_latest.pdf

No plans to support the M4 any time soon, this may change though, but if it’s supported it should allow you to load any firmware compiled for M4 (Arduino sketch, bare metal app etc…), and provide a way to communicate between the M7 and M4.