Portenta H7 - getting ULPI Error 0x04 != 0x40 error


My Portenta H7 is unable to wake up from a deep-sleep when running in a battery mode (not connected to the PC). It continuously starts flashing the white LED and in error log I get this error:

ULPI Error 0x04 != 0x40

When connected to PC it works fine.

I am running the time_lapse_photos.py example.

This error is raised on entry to low-power mode not on exit. It’s likely because low-power modes switch USB ULPI to low-power mode, which is not connected and its state is different. Please report an issue here: Issues · openmv/openmv · GitHub and I’ll look into it as soon as possible.

Thank you! Issue raised (ULPI Error 0x04 != 0x40 on entering deepsleep while not connected to a PC · Issue #1408 · openmv/openmv · GitHub)

Just tested with the latest firmware release (v4.1.0), this issue has been resolved!

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