Portenta Low power

Arduino boasts on their Portenta product page that it consumes “2.95 μA in Standby mode (Backup SRAM OFF, RTC/LSE ON)”. But when I run low-power example (deep sleep) from OpenMV, the best I can get is 18 mA even with Vision shield detached (powered over VIN). I didn’t find working samples for Arduino IDE so I have nothing to compare with.

Do you have any suggestions? I can see in release notes some fixes related to sleep modes but I am running the latest firmware (4.1.0)

Thanking you in advance

Were you able to get that number with Arduino’s firmware ? You should test it first to confirm and if so then maybe we can look into it, right now this is the lowest current we could get. Keep in mind that they may be disabling some PMIC power rails which we don’t mess with right now.

Unfortunately Arduino provides no API for power management. Their Low Power library is for SAMD21 devices only.
There is a possibility to call MBED API power functions but it looks rather complicated to me.

Like I said it was the best we could achieve with what we know and without touching the PMIC rails, if better low-power code is made public/available to us we’ll update our code.

Hello again

I also noticed that with OpenMV bootloader Arduino IDE thinks that this is a M4 core.


Could it be that M4 core is always on (or just a wrong message)?

Also I don’t see much difference in consumption even after detaching the camera shield. The best I got so far is 15 mA.

You mean with OpenMV firmware ? Our bootloader doesn’t work with the Portenta.

By default it doesn’t have any firmware and it’s not enabled so its clock is gated. It’s possible to load a fw to the M4 which puts it to sleep, but it requires extra steps.

Yes, I meant firmware, not bootloader.
This is what Arduino IDE says when it sees Portenta with OpenMV firmware. It just looks strange, no?

This doesn’t really mean anything, the Arduino IDE probably recognizes boards based on USB VID:PID, maybe the same IDs we’re using are reused for the M4 …Anyway, our firmware doesn’t work with Arduino IDE.