Pyb.standby() power consumption is bigger than pyb.stop()

import sensor, machine,pyb
rtc = pyb.RTC()

here is my code ,and i measure the current is 24mA,and i chang pyb. stop() to pyb.standby.the current goes 42ma,that is strange isn’t it?i think standby mode should have smaller current than stop mode.

Which board? Our power low power consumption stuff has been hit or miss. For the next version of the OpenMV Cam we will be able to hit 50uA in stop mode.

openmv H7.50uA is very nice. When will the next version be released?

Aiming for the middle of this year (June/July). Schematic is complete and now working on board routing.

so it require Schematic changing?May I ask what change can be made to achieve 50uA in stop mode?I am working on a project that require low power consumption.

Dunno, we never really made it a special concern to design the product for low power.

I think you need to use deepsleep which shutsdown everything but the RTC onboard the system.

Please use machine.deepsleep(), just follow the example in the IDE, and make sure you have the latest firmware, with that example I get about ~3mA. Note most of the current is actually drawn by the MT9M sensor in standby mode, because its low-power mode is basically useless, in future revisions will control the LDOs on the sensor directly.