Latest Power Consumption Numbers

The H7+:
stop mode + sensor on → 28mA
stop mode + sensor shutdown → ~10mA
standby mode → 6.8mA

The H7:
stop mode + sensor shutdown → ~10mA
standby mode → 2.6mA

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Nicely low numbers.
Could you write which of the examples these use cases each correspond to?
I am a bit confused with the different terms in the forums, IDE, and website (idle, standby, stop mode, deep sleep, etc.) and how they relate to the micropython code (pyb.stop, sensor.sleep)…

Stop mode is pyb.stop(). sensor shutdown is sensor.shutdown(). standby is pyb.standby().

The sensor sleeping (sensor.sleep()) numbers were not captured.

We’re still working on getting these numbers down as it’s something Arduino wants us to do.

ok thanks looking forward to that.