Current draw openMV h7

Hi. How much current does the openMV h7 r2 cam draw in these situations:

  1. Sensor is activated, and images are being processed
  2. Sensor is deactivated with sensor.sleep(True), and we are just going through main while loop without any processing
  3. device is in sleep mode with machine.lightsleep()
  4. device is in sleep mode with machine.deepsleep() function

I know that there is some information in documenatation, but it seems that there is nothing about these different modes. I would appreciate any help, thanks!

Hi there,
Why don’t you measure that so to be safe?

Unfortunately, I have no measuring equipment, and I’ll need those informations very, very soon…

We have some numbers here, the H7-R2 should be close to H7, although the sensor may draw more current.

I don’t have any measurement tools currently with me, so if you really need accurate numbers soon, I suggest you just find an old cable, cut the power wire (should be red), and get any multimeter from SFE should be good enough.

Thank you very much!