Pixel shifting from images

Hey there! I have been capturing images once a minute and sending them over HTTP as time-lapses. I have noticed that pixel shifting has begun to occur on the camera making the image seem very different. Has anyone seen this issue/know how to fix it? Here is an example image where the pixel shifting is occurring:

The shift seems to keep happening over time as well. Here is an image taken ~30 images/minutes before the first one:

What firmware are you running? If you have the H7 with the latest hardware based DMA then this should not happen. The above would happen if interrupts are disabled for a long time with an older firmware.

we are running the most recent version with slight modification to enable another GPIO pin. Could you send a file/line reference or snippet to point where the interupt is to make sure it was not altered?

Is it possible that using pyb.stop() could be causing the pixel shifting due to the interrupt from rtc.wakeup?

If you don’t need a high FPS then set the frame buffer count to 1. This will ensure DMA restarts per image. This should fix the issue.

Looks like it was just an issue on our custom boards.

We solved the issue by running sensor.reset() before capturing the image!