OPENMV1 and STM32F407 Discovery board

Hi All,

I have successfully compiled OPENMV1 firmware with below changes in mpconfigboard.h

#define MICROPY_HW_LED1             (pin_D14) // red
#define MICROPY_HW_LED2             (pin_D12) // green
#define MICROPY_HW_LED3             (pin_D13) // blue

After upload this firmware on STM32F407 Discovery board, LED blinking but not detecting USB,
is it really need all hardware connection (SD CARD, SENSOR) to initialise USB, or some error ?

Please help me if somebody done the same.

Our firmware doesn’t run on that board. You’ll have to manually edit the I/O pin connections for many things.

Yes I am sure there are some changes we need to do, In my understanding I did above changes, If any body tried same thing please share your findings that what else we should do for use STM32F4DISC board use with OPENMV1 firmware.