OpenMV H7 on NUCLEO-H743ZI board

I have an NUCLEO-H743ZI with STM32H743 144 pins controller development board ( NUCLEO-H743ZI - STM32 Nucleo-144 development board with STM32H743ZI MCU, supports Arduino, ST Zio and morpho connectivity - STMicroelectronics ). I’m trying to install openmv4 firmware on it but without success. Will somebody help me?

We don’t support that board. If you want to try to use our firmware on it you need to understand what you are doing.

When you release OpenMV H7 schematic diagram?

Yes, you once the Kickstarter ends. So, in 2 weeks.

On which MCU is based OpenMV H7 board? Which is frequency of quartz crystal on H7 board?

It’s the STM32H7VIT6 with a 12mhz crystal.

@zoxno6 Hello how are you uploading the firmware to this board?

@kwagyeman Do you support uploading your firmware to other opensource boards ie Nucleo? or even if we copy the SCH and make our own PCBs based on openMV HW design?

We don’t support the Nucleo. If you want to try to port our code to one you can. Its more work than it’s worth however.

That said you can port the algorithms rather easy.

I upload successfully openmv4 firmware on Nucleo-H743ZI using STM32 ST-LINK utility, but PC ( OpenMV IDE) not see OPENMV - usb communication not work. I think it’s because I do not have a camera sensor attached to Nucleo.

Yeah, the firmware panics if it can’t find a camera.

You may try this

Dear victagayun , thank you for suggestion. For this module, I would have to make an adapter for the Nucleo Board. But the guys from OpenMV LLC gave us all the necessary files to create their hardware! I think I’ll wait for the OpenMV H7 to go out for sale.

Hello I am a backer and ordered total 3pcs of H7.
But I see Mar’19 delivery time is quite very long.
So I plan also to buy NUCLEO-H743ZI board and similar camera.
The board might be big, but more IOs to play with.
Question is, when will the schematic be out?
Also, when is the support for Ili9341 be out too?

I have to find some time to work on the Ili9341 driver.

As for the schematic, we were going to release it after the Kickstarter but have been asked by our partners to delay that until delivery least the system starts getting cloned immediately. Um, email me for an I/O pin map.

What is manufacturer part number of connectors JP1,JP2 ,JP3 and X1?

What board are you talking about?

Sorry, I think about H7 board.

Also, what is manufacturer part number of connector X3 on H7 board - DF12-36-DS and DF12-36-DP on MT9V34 and OV7725 boards? What is height of this connectors?

It’s the DF12(3.0)-36DP-0.5V(86) and DF12(3.0)-36DS-0.5V(86). Digikey has the info if you google it.

Thank you kwagyeman. Can you write manufacturer part number of connectors JP1 and JP2 on H7 board?