OpenMV with Portenta H7 and Esp32 NTP Server

Hi, I have an NTP server running on an ESP32. The ESp32 cam captures images and posts on this NTP server. Is there a way, using openMV and arduino portenta H7, that I can use the captured images to do face detection on the arduino portenta H7?


Yes, this is possible. Um… can you just do everything on the Portenta instead? It will be easier.

Hi, thank you for your reply. I have to do this in a very short time and I do not have the resource or the time to get the Portenta H7 vision shield. Hence, this problem.

I already have the NTP server configured on the ESP32 CAM. Just want to know how to go about picking that video feed from portenta and then doing face recognition on it.

Thanks again!

How are you streaming the images from that cam ? NTP is Network Time Protocol server.

Teh CAM captures images in 20ms intervals and posts them onto the server. The web location is accessible within the network

The image library works without an image sensor but you’ll have to write your own code with sockets to read the image from the server, covert/copy it into an Image object and then you can use the image functions on that only if it’s Not a JPEG image.

Does fetching the image from the web location pose any challenges?

I don’t know, it depends on the protocol. You should start by knowing what protocol you’re actually using and then looking for a MicroPython module that implements that protocol, making any necessary changes, it’s probably a lot easier than writing something from scratch, see:

Thank you for your help!

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