OpenMV interfacing with a TI MSP432 processor

Hello Forum,

This is my first post as I am beginning a project for my senior project in Electrical Engineering and will be using the OpenMV M7 Camera integrated to a few other sensors for a medical learning device.

My question and concern here is the following:

We, as a group, are required to use the Texas Instruments MSP432 microprocessor for all of our modules which include Touch (pressure) sensors and the implementation of the M7 Camera for a dummy model of a lower back. The M7’s role is to detect when a needle is inserted inside the body to see it’s movement inside.

My concern is that from what I’ve been skimming through in the camera’s specs and schematics is that it uses an ARM processor which I yet have to get familiar with to program if necessary. I was also looking at the pin ports and see that it has TX and RX ports for UART communications, which could be implemented in order to communicate with the whole processor and the several sensors that will be read from the “mother” processor (accelerometer @ needle, M7 camera, pressure sensors, and BT connectivity for UI).

I was wondering if there is any recommended approach to ease things up or if it is possible to neglect the ARM processor and use the camera itself with the main microprocessor.

Also, I shall be programming in the C language, I know it might be a heavy load but I just need a bit of guidance as to how to approach this module.

Thanks! :smiley:

HI, sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

As for your question… I’m not sure why you bought the OpenMV Cam at all if you don’t plan on using any of it’s code… or even the MCU. This doesn’t make sense to me. You can buy external camera modules to hookup to processors on the internet and start from scratch. OV7725 + AL422B(FIFO) Camera Module [OV7725 + AL422B(FIFO)] - US $32.00 : HAOYU Electronics : Make Engineers Job Easier. We have register settings for the OV7725. So, it will generate an image you can capture with the data bus.

Or, is there some code you want to put on the OpenMV Cam?

As a note, your professor forcing you to use a dying MCU line seems weird. You’d find much more use out of learning how STM32 CPUs work that TI stuff.

Thanks for the feedback!

I know that the MCU that I am required to use does not have a clock rate sufficient enough for interfacing real-time video processing so I am pretty much sure that I would STILL need to use the MCU that is integrated in the OpenMV cam… Although, I am PRETTY sure my code would have to be written in the C-language. Just one last thing. With the TX and RX module, would this be able to be used along all the peripherals that the MSP430 will have?

In other words… will the camera be able to be interfaced in the UI (phone app) along with the modules that are programmed into the MSP432?

Hi, I’m still now following what you are trying to do… you can’t remove the camera module from our board or interface to it via another processor.

Can you describe what your plan is?

Many universities still require students to use this MCU in their projects, I think due to outdated curriculums.