OpenMV cam to another microcontroller

Hi, I am currently creating a project and would want to use openmv cam.
i am not that familiar with the module and so I would like to ask some questions.

the system is intended to be an image processing system that is able to determine the length/width ratio of rice grains, and also their color.
the data from the said system is intended to be sent into a cloud processing system to be able to send a live stream onto a mobile (android) application.
i also intend to attach another module, an x-ray vision cam onto my system.


  1. do i still need to attach the openmv cam to another microcontroller like an arduino or an rpi to be able to send data to cloud or is the openmv module enough?
    if so, how should i do it
  2. how should I set up or connect another module onto the openmv cam.
  3. I see that i could use a proto shield and a wifi shield to be able to do the livestreaming, but will i be able to send the data onto the cloud with the wifi shield ?
  4. having two functions (length/width ratio detection and color detection) in my system, can one camera be enough to do both function at the same time or should i use 2 openmv cams (one for each)?
  5. i would also want to add a lighting module to the system, what do you think is he best way to do it?


  1. We could do the identification part but we can’t stream data to the cloud. You’d need a Pi for that.
  2. See here:
  3. Technically yes, however, the WiFi shield just give you low level sockets. To be honest we haven’t built it up that much.
  4. One OpenMV Cam can do the rice detection.
  5. I would build an external board you can attach the OpenMV Cam to that provides lighting.