OpenMV as Slave + Data received from Arduino


Is it possible to send data from an arduino(master) to openMV(slave)?

I saw , if I am not wrong, that you have to send a sync char for sending data from the openMV to the Arduino.

The openMV camera is the second device of the established SPI connection which has the arduino as master.

Would it be possible to receive data from the arduino without any problem? If yes, how?

Thank you!

I would like to send chars from the arduino to the openMV ^^

Hi, the OpenMV Cam makes a very poor I2C slave or SPI slave. This is because it needs to generally do other things than wait for the Arduino to command it. UART is the only thing that works well. If possible, make your Arduino a UART slave I/O extender for the OpenMV Cam.

I am also working on a CAN shield that I will try to get out of the door ASAP which will make this all much easier. Connecting the OpenMV Cam by CAN with an Arduino with a CAN shield is the easiest way to have high bandwidth data interface between the two devices while not sacrificing the Arduino’s ability to do serial write. It also meets the need of folks wanting long distance comms.

Thank you!
I will try to go with the UART then.

Keep in mind that the Serial debug port on a UNO isn’t usable if you are using the Arduino’s UART for the OpenMV Cam. So, use Software serial to communicate with the OpenMV Cam so you can still deubg.


Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth system to the openMV camera ? And then send data from the arduino using this system ?

If using blue tooth uarts. Sure.

Thank you!