Link between Arduino and OpenMV

Hello, i’m a student french and i have a project for de end years for that i have chosen the camera MV 7 and i would like know, how i can program her for her to do an detection face and take a picture when a face is detected .
It is necessary what function with arduino because we are four in the group and the camera rejoin the main program.
I know that need use OpenMv like a slave for arduino but i do not know how to do.

I look forward to your response


Hi, what is the Arduino goingto be doing? Maybe the camera can replace it. It’s much easier to use the camera in this case without an Arduino.

Hi thanks for your answers, so in my project the camera is plugged on the arduino card for complete him. But if we can use only openmv while plugging the camera to an arduino card it will be better, it’s possible ?Because i see on the net than for use the cam, it is necessary to make it work openmv as a slave … so i’m little lost

Hi, the easiest way for the camera to be a slave device to an Arduino is by communicating via a serial port via serial messages. This works very well.

Unless you plan to build up a protocol layer that can handle NACKs from the camera when it is busy and doesn’t repsond then I don’t suggest using SPI or I2C with the OpenMV Cam as a slave device.

It’s hard for the camera to be in sync with the Arduino and waiting to receive a SPI or I2C message at the right time.

Hi, ty for your answers, so i understant but i have juste an last question,
should I put a special program in arduino?

Not sure what you are asking. You have to program the Arduino if you want it do to something…

yes, but the camera function just with openmv and i don’t know how do function arduino with openmv :neutral_face:

Not sure how to help…