Communication between OpenMV and Arduino

Hi I’m wondering how I can send information that is print in the serial terminal in the OpenMV IDE to the arduino serial.

Hi, please see the UART examples. You just need to turn the UART on and then write data to it versus the print() method. E.g. just replace print() with uart.write().

how would the code be on the arduino side to read the information? thanks

Is there somewhere I can find the wiring diagrams for both the OpenMV and Arduino as well as the code, thanks

Hi, not really, the OpenMV Cam wasn’t designed to be a slave sensor to the Arduino. It’s quite easy to attach the two via UARTs however. But, there’s no library for this. You’re free to write whatever serial protocol you want to attach the two. Unless you strictly have a reason… note that we built the OpenMV Cam with pin I/O control so you wouldn’t necessarily need to use an Arduino in a project.

That said, there are some examples that ship with OpenMV IDE showing how to connect the Arduino. There was also a post answered literally yesterday about this using I2C: