Connecting M7 to Raspberry Pi 3

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I have just received the M7 Camera and will need to do a lot of reading and experimenting
before I start on the serious tasks ahead.

But later , say in two months , I want to use the camera with a Raspberry Pi 3 (which will also have a Pan/Tilt for the M7 Camera)
and need to perform different tasks

  1. Detect a certain Colour
  2. detect a certain Object
  3. to detect where no objects are (this will be used to find a path where there are obstacles)

    Mapping the M7 Coorediantes into the RPI 3 frame.
    So I would programme the M7 with these three programmes and transfer data to tell which programme to
    I would like to pass the Video (Mt → RPI3) for -perhaps - opencv processing

Has anyone thought about this or is interested in this project?

Hi, look at the OpenMV IDE GitHub and checkout recent PRs. Someone ported OpenMV IDE to the PI.