OpenMV IDE Toolbar and Menu text


I am running Ubuntu MATE’ 20.04 on an UDOO Bolt V8 with 32Gb RAM and 1Tb NVMe SSD. My screen is a Toshiba 43" 4K HDTV. When I run OpenMV IDE, the toolbar text is very small. This is probably due to the higher resolution I run my screen at. Could OpenMV IDE become resolution aware and adjust the size of toolbar text and menus based on the resolution of the screen? The text becomes smaller and smaller as resolution increases which makes it harder and harder to see. The toolbar and menu text would have to get proportionally larger as screen resolution increases.

I am looking forward to getting an OpenMVCam H7 Plus soon!



Hi, our IDE doesn’t really support high DPI on linux. In Mac/Windows this works correctly because they can scale the applications globally. On linux the applications have to do this.

I will keep this issue in mind. I can probably test and fix with my Pi and a 4K TV.