OpenMV H7 Plus / FLIR Leptopn => covid-19 prevention solution to chek ppl temperature?


Anyone tried the new FLIR Leptopn camera module for the “plus” version of the H7.

We got hit hard with covid-19 and try every possible idea to limit the exposure to our ppl. We heard of thermal camera solution to check body temperature of a flow of people but the price we got were really stupid, like 13 to 18k EUR.
We do not need anything fancy, just a tool for the security guard to raise awareness and actually check someone’s temperate in case a camera system detect a suspicious case.

What i saw there => FLIR Lepton 1/2/3 on the OpenMV Cam H7 - YouTube
seems to be exactly what I need. I’m fine doing the code to map min/max values against Celsius degrees + make the face of blob detection to just average temperature of the face/blobs.
We’re fine just using the IDE as UI.

Simple questions
a) among the 1/2/3 FLIR Leptopn modules, which one should I choose for this?
b) is the precision/reliability of such cameras good enough for such a usecase (reminder : i don’t need a medical tool. the gard has a thermometer gun, he just needs a tool to identify who should be checked among the people going through the desk because checking 100% is not realistic)

thanks for your support/ideas.


a) Use the FLIR Lepton 3.5. The temperature information is not accurate otherwise on older models.
b) That would be a question for FLIR. But, yes, the sensor does provide accurate readings if you are using the FLIR Lepton 3.5.

That said, temperature readings of the forehead aren’t as good as a thermometer in the mouth. Assuming you have a a lot of visitors a thermal camera I guess works. If you have a fixed number of people coming it I would recommend a thermometer per person.

Thanks for your feedback.

Side note: if you have access to it, I would encourage you to rename the youtube video title because I really though the product name was Leptopn and only realize now it’s Lepton.

I looked into the OpenMV distributors in europe. Turns out that both and have the products in stock.

this seems to be the only OpenMV FLIR module they got is
mmm… now that I read closer the FLIR module itself is not included (i got tricked into thinking it was there because of the main product photo, but understood my mistake by better reading the description). Which explains why i could not find whether or not this module was a v3.5 :smiley:

I looked into the usual suspects (seedstudio, robotshop, amazon,, but all I found where dev kit with a FLIR Lepton module on it (both v2.0 and v2.5 in the 250 - 300 EUR range, mostly not in stock. I found nowhere the v3.5)
None of or have any FLIR Module anyway

Where can i buy a FLIR Lepton 3.5 ?
What is the price range ?

Literally everyone else in the world is buying this stuff right now.

I’ve paid for a manufacturing run of 500 adapter modules for the H7.

As for the 3.5. See GroupGets: Lepton® 3.5 by FLIR | GroupGets

Fixed the video.